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Dust Mites/Bed Bugs

Dust Mites/Bed Bugs? We have all rolled in the grass with our skin exposed and got chiggers. These are called Itch Mites. They come mostly from hay, grass, leaves and straw that contains mites. These types of mites can not live indoors, so if you or your family bring them in, they wont last long.

  1. Mites bites look a lot like bedbug bites but not all mites are the same. Some bite and leave pimple like boils on your skin that can itch for up to 14 days. If you really want to know, there are 46,000 species of mites, but there are only a few that bite humans.
  2. Scabies mites most likely come form other humans. Most likely your children will bring these type of mites from schools or playgrounds.
  3. Not to mention the northern fowl mite comes from birds but can live for 3 weeks without their host and will feed off of humans when they can not find a bird.

The cycle of home or office Dust Mites/Bed Bugs:

1st. While your sleeping your body sheds dead skin.

2nd. Moisture from your body and moisture in the air gives fungus the perfect environment to grow. Your dead skin is like a 24hr buffet for Dust Mites/Bed bugs.

3rd. Dust mites/Bed bugs feed on the “skin soap” of fungus and dead skin.

4th. These types of mites leave microscopic droppings which dry out on any fabric surface in your home or office.

5th. The Dust mite droppings become statically charged and are airborne throughout your space.

6th. Then the dropping are inhaled by you, your family and friends, as a result this may cause Rhinitis, Asthma and Sinusitis.

There are a lot of different types of mites that are interrupting your happiness. Here are just a few:

Dust Mites/Bed Bugs Tips:

  1. Clean your bedding, upholstery, carpets and clothes often.
  2. Dust your home or office frequently to stop the 40lbs of dust that accumulates in the average home or office yearly.
  3. Take out your carpets and go carpet free. As a result this will eliminate the vast majority of dust mites homes.
  4. Cover you and you children’s mattresses and bedding with a removable allergen-resistant coverings.
  5. Avoid bedding that is stuffed with Kapok or foam rubber.
  6. Keep toys, stuff animals in plastic bags or containers to help prevent more places for dust mites to breed and hide.
  7. Limit the use of humidifiers in your home or office because dust mites thrive in humid places.
  8. When possible trade out your heavy drapes for blinds. Dust mites can not live on slippery objects.

Dust Mites/Bed Bugs Home Made furniture and upholstery Spray:

Finally, if you are looking for a dust mites/bed bugs home or office remedy that will control the dust mite and the bed bug population in your home or office. The formula below will help. Try it now and visit our Facebook page and post your results.

First grab a 2oz Glass Spray Bottle.

Add 3-Drops of Peppermint,

then 3-Drops of lavender,

3-Drops of Eucalyptus,

3-Drop of Lemon,

3-Drops of Melaleuca,

½ Bottle of water,

and finish with a ½ Bottle Witch Hazel.

Spray evenly 6 to 8 inches above fabric, furniture or upholstery. A light to medium spray in all you need. Do this every time you change sheets or once to twice a week.

These are some horrible statistics about whats living in your furniture, beds and carpets. Therefore protect yourselves and your families from these allergenic causing mites. in addition, Contact Us Today 620-474-5350 for your Free Estimate and let us know about your issues with these types of bugs. You can live with these bugs in your home or office but it will not be pleasant.

In conclusion, we want everyone to be safe and have some protection from these mites. Also, if you have mites in your home or office. In addition to help you keep your families safe. We would like to offer you an additional 5% off if you mention this article.