• Residential Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning Services

All Pro Residential Cleaning Services

We will clean the toilets, urinals and sinks. Replace the paper towels, toilet paper and trash bags.
Lobby & Entrance
We will polish, sweep, mop and tidy up your entrance to give your guest the best first impression for your business.
Spot free window treatment.
Empty and replace all trash bags.
Sweep, polish, buff, wax, vacuum and moped to your exact standards
Kitchenette's and Breakrooms
We can clean your sinks, counters, floors, tables and More. We can replace the soap, paper towels, trash

bags and other products needed.

We can set you up on a Scheduled Cleaning that fits your needs.
Custom Project
If you need it cleaned, we can generally do it just ask us.

The All Pro Residential Cleaning Services 

Our All Pro Home Cleaning Service ensures that our Clients get the highest quality of clean and professionalism in the industry. Our dedicated Sanitary Technicians continually meet and exceed our Clients expectations, and our Clients have grown to expect nothing less.

Regular Scheduled All Pro Residential Cleaning Services

After the first initial cleaning, our dedicated Sanitary Technicians will perform routine scheduled cleanings to ensure our Clients come home each and every day to a neat and tidy residents. We hold ourselves up to a higher standard and our final product and our client retention rate shows our dedication to clean.

The All Pro Residential Cleaning Services provides a detailed cleaning to your whole house, starting with our All Pro Initial Cleaning

All Pro Residential Cleaning Services
Initial Clean

Dust down all cobwebs through out the house. Scrub kitchen and bathrooms using disinfectant and other cleaning products, concentrating on hard water build up. Wipe down any troublesome cabinet fronts. Living area and bedrooms. We will wipe down every surface with the product needed. Vacuum and/or mop out of every room and hall way.

Routine Cleaning

Starting from top to bottom. We will scrub kitchens and bathrooms using our disinfectant. Dust through out the living areas and bedrooms while wiping down surfaces as needed . Vacuum and/or mop though out your home. While taking the trash from each room as we go.

All Pro Residential Cleaning Services
All Pro Residential Cleaning Services
Quarterly Deep Cleaning

Every four months we will deep clean your home from top to bottom. Depending on the time of year and what season we are in will determine the deep cleaning solution you will need. This will come as NO extra charge.

Our Promise 

You and your family have better things to do then to come home and clean up a messy house. Let the All Pro Cleaning Service clean up the mess for you! Our dedicated Technicians will provide the highest quality of clean with the friendliest and most professional All Pro Team in the industry. The All Pro Residential Cleaning Service is trusted in more homes then all our competitors combined. You can rest assured, you’re home and prize possessions will be neat, clean and in one piece when you return.

Let the All Pro Service work for you and your family by freeing up that much needed time to focus on what’s most important to you, your family not cleaning your home. Our name symbolizes our Professionalism; we couldn’t hold the All Pro Cleaning Star without our client’s approval. Click Here for Testimonials

All Pro Commercial Cleaning Service will do our best to schedule routine cleanings around your working hours. Weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly schedules are available to ensure your home space is neat and clean to help you provide a healthy space for all your family.

In Conclusion:

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