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Extreme Deep Cleaning Services

A complete Dust Removal of your home starts at the Ceiling Fan in each room and finishes at the baseboards. When I say that All Pro Cleaning Services touches every surface in your property. I mean, every surface. This Includes but is not limited to. The inside of your cabinets, ovens, refrigerators and windows ceils. Also. All pro Cleaning Services will detail your picture frames, knickknacks, door jams, light switches and sockets. Even your light bulb’s will get wiped off with a microfiber towel and some disinfectant spray.

Ceiling Fans will be detailed from the base to blades. Light bulbs, light covers, and pull strings. Yes the screens will be details for better ventilation so the fan motors last longer.

Walls will be cleaned from top to bottom removing all germs, handprints, and dust. If you need your walls washed. Our Team will carefully remove all items from the walls. Wash the walls and the items will be detailed and placed back in the same places. This is time consuming but necessary. If we are washing your walls. We do not want to leave a spot un touched.

Inside and outside of cabinets, and other storage compartments will be cleaned, detailed, organized and polished to look as new as possible.

Inside and Outside of Stoves, Refrigerators, Microwaves, Conventual Ovens, and other coo king equipment will be cleaned and free from grease and build up.
Window Frames, Window 1Seals, and Window Track Cleaning
Pictures, Light Switches, Thermostats, Electrical Outlets.
Kick knacks, Lamps, Coffee Tables ext.
All Papers, DVDs, CDs, Game Consoles will be wiped off and organized
Carpets, Hardwood Flooring, Vinyl Flooring will be cleaned and polished with proper cleaning solutions.
Bed frames and all wood furniture including wood cabinets and storage containers will be dusted and polished with Murphy’s Oil.
Laundry will be cleaned and folded, then washer and dryer will be cleaned out and detailed to a shine.
Carpet, Stairs, and hallways will be shampooed removing pets stains and stains from high traffic areas. This is not guaranteed depending on the type and age of stains.
Bathrooms, Tubs, Showers will be detailed removing all dirt, grime, hard water, and soap scum. Hard Water stains may take 2 or 3 treatments to fully remove stubborn hard water stains.
Organizing cabinets and storage units are included.
Removing all unwanted items either disposed of to the dump, sold, or donated.
Dumpster cost will be added if a dumpster is needed. The cost will be determined by the company providing the dumpster.

Deep Clean

Deep Cleaning Process involves all of the above except cleaning the inside of the cabinet, storage units, ovens, refrigerators, and walls.
Window cleaning is included with a Deep Cleaning except for the inside of the window panes. The outside of the windows will cost $ 1.75. Per window adding $1.00 per window per story.
Carpet Cleaning is an additional charge. $75.00 for the first room and $55.00 for each additional room. Stairs are an additional charge of $1.50 per step. Hallways are free.
Carpets will be vacuumed and floors will be swept and cleaned with proper cleaning chemicals and polishing solutions.

Regular Maintenance Cleaning

Dusting, vacuuming, wiping down surfaces, high traffic areas, such as door knobs, cabinets, and drawers.
Bathrooms and Kitchens will be Deep Cleaned with each visit. These are the most used area in any home and need extra attention.
Windows and Walls will be cleaned as needed. If you’re in need of any wall cleaning. All Pro Cleaning Services will remove all pictures, shelves plus knickknacks, move entertainments centers to clean the walls behind them. Our Team with wash down the walls. Removing years of dust and grime build up to create a brand new and refreshed look. Not to worry. All your possessions with be handled with care, cleaned and placed right back in the same exact spot. The only thing that will change is. Everything will be cleaned and look brand new.
Carpet Shampooing is detailed above and will be an additional charge.

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