Construction Clean Up

All Pro's Construction Clean Up Services leaves any construction project looking its very best.

After a well deserved remolding project, the next step is the construction clean up task. All Pro Cleaning Services has the know how and the experience that shows.

Your home, office or restaurant is almost ready to show off. The next thing is to call your home town full service cleaning company. All Pro Cleaning Services has the experience needed to clean up and remove all the construction dust. Your new cabinets, additions or floors look great. But, they will look better once they get the left behind dust removed. Not only in the rooms that were remolded but in the others rooms as well.

Construction Clean Up

See, dust has a tendency to go through plastic that the construction crew put up to contain the dust. What All Pro’s Construction Clean Up Crews can do for your project is polish and shine everything up. You want it to look the very best for your customers right? All Pro Cleaning Services is the very best in handling the construction clean up.

We don’t just push all the dust around. Our team removes all the dust starting at the top and working our way to the floors. Here’s a list below.

  • Removing dirt and dust top to bottom.
  • Remove all marks, tapes, plastic and patches from walls.
  • Detailing and washing all windows and seals.
  • Dusting of ceiling, cabinets, upholstery, lights, switches, outlets and fans.
  • Mopping/vacuuming floors, removing dust particles, especially on hard-to-reach areas.
  • Cleaning appliances, cabinets and shelves.
  • Proper disposal of trash.

All Pro Cleaning Services would love to be apart of your next project. Let the pro’s handle the construction clean up, polishing and shining of your current or next project. Let us fine tune your work. Call 620-268-9423 today. Please visit us on Facebook and Google to check out our reviews and services.

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