Deep Cleaning Services

All Pro’s Deep Cleaning Introduction

We have the most detailed Deep Cleaning Services by far. Our highly trained team focuses on detail. Which includes disinfecting and restoring all wood surfaces to there natural shine. We only use owner approved solutions for each type of surfaces for best results.

Our Deep Cleaning Process

Lets start out with All Pro’s Deep Cleaning Services is the 2nd most intensive cleaning service that All Pro Cleaning Services offers. Starting at the Ceiling Fan Base’s than Blades, Bulbs and Pull Strings. All will be detailed with a Microfiber Towel and a Disinfectant Cleaning Solution. Removing grease and dust build up that accumulates and can cause breathing issues that are detrimental patients that have COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). If the Ceiling Fans are not detailed in this way. Operating a dirty fan, will throw dust particles back into the air. If not cleaned properly. This can cause breathing issues.

After the Ceiling Fan is detailed. Our Cleaning Technicians will remove all Spider Webs and Dust build up on the Ceiling. To do this. Our Team uses Micro Fiber Extended Swifter. This is safe for Pop Corn Textured Ceiling plus all other Ceilings. Then, sweeping the Ceiling Corners, top to bottom making sure to send all Dust Particles to the floor for latter clean up.

Then, using a Hand Held Micro Fiber Swiffer Dusters. Swiffering the tops of the Door/Window Trims. We remove all dust build up where no one can see. Then moving to Picture Frames, Cabinets, Table Tops/Chairs, Counter Tops, Knick Knacks, Light Switches, Electrical Outlets and Base Boards.

Starting top to bottom. Our Team has been trained to remove all tough build up on top of Cabinets, where grease builds up over the years. (This is just one of the things that most Cleaning Companies miss).

Next in the Deep Cleaning Process

Next…. Our highly trained Team detail the outside of the Cabinets. Detailing Wood Surfaces with Murphy’s Oil to refurbish and treat wood against dryness and also cleans. All knobs and door handles will be disinfected with an All Pro’s All Purpose Solution to remove all dirt, grime and germs that are left behind.

All Knick Knacks, Blenders, Cutting Boards, Stove Tops, the outside of your Refrigerators, Kitchen Tables/Chairs. Yes, including the Table Bases and Chair Legs. Even Baseboards are wiped and detailed with a Micro Fiber Towel to remove scuff marks and dust that build up over time.

The final steps

Finally! Depending on the flooring type. Our team will swept with our Dry Micro Fiber Mop or Vacuum if Carpeted. The carpet will be vacuumed with a HEPA Filter Vacuum. Not to throw Dust Particles back into the living environment. Trapping dust and germs in the filter. If a Hard Wood Surface, Tile or Laminate Surface. The floor will be cleaned, disinfected and shined with the proper solutions for the job.

When calling on All Pro Cleaning Services. Our teams leaves all our Client’s with a refreshed, less stressed life after we finish cleaning there homes or office. Join the thousands of satisficed All Pro Cleaning Services family of Clients.

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