Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning Introduction

We offer the most detailed Deep Cleaning Service in the industry. This is due to the ongoing, on-the-job training we provide our Cleaning Technicians. Because of this type of training our teams have an amazing attention to detail. Our Deep Cleaning Services will provide you with the most extensive cleaning, cleaning areas most have never cleaned as in the space above the upper kitchen cabinets. Every corner and hard-to-reach place will be thoroughly cleaned leaving you with a refreshed look, feel, and smell. We only use the appropriate cleaning solutions for each surface to protect your property from damage.

Let’s Begin

Let’s begin with Deep Cleaning Service, which stands as the second most intensive cleaning service we provide. We will start by detailing the ceiling fan base, followed by the blades, bulbs, and pull strings. Our team will use a microfiber towel combined with the proper cleaning solution, grease, and dust don’t stand a chance. Side Note: Did you know that uncontrolled dust might be one cause of COPD? Failing to detail the ceiling fans properly may result in the fan throwing dust back into the air leading to respiratory problems.

High Dusting

Our Cleaning Technicians will remove all Spider Webs and Dust built up on the ceiling. To do this. Our Team uses Micro Fiber Extended Swifter to clean corners of the ceiling, top to bottom to make sure all dust is on the floor for later cleanup.

The Pro’s use Micro Fiber towels to clean the tops of the doors and window trim. This will remove all debris buildup where no one can see. By using the same process on picture frames, tops of cabinets, tables/countertops/chairs, legs, knick-knacks, light switches, electrical outlets, and baseboards.

Next in the Deep Cleaning Process

Next, we move on to the outside of the cabinets. Our team will detail the wood surfaces using Murphy Oil. This refurbishes and treats the wood, and also Murphy Oil prevents dryness and ensures thorough cleaning. Furthermore, we give special attention to your door handles, light switches, and commonly touched areas. So we can help stop the spread of germs. We use a disinfectant spray that is effective but safe for children and pets.

Everybody normally cleans it ems like stovetops/countertops, tables, and sink areas. But, All Pro Cleaning Services Professional Cleaners have an amazing attention to detail to make sure every item big or small is detailed. or smaller items such as salt and pepper shakers, toasters, toothbrush holders, knobs, and remotes. Our team will ensure everything is thoroughly cleaned and disinfection. Including table and chair legs, will receive a detailed cleaning. We will leave your baseboards spotless, removing scuff marks, dust, and any other debris that accumulates over time.

The Final Steps

All Pro's Deep Cleaning Services in Hutchinson, Ks, and surrounding areas.

Depending on the flooring type our team will sweep and Mop with our Dry Micro Fiber Dry Mop or with a Vacuum Kirby if carpeted. We use Kirbys because they do not throw dust particles back into the living environment. They trap dust and germs in the bag so dust doesn’t cause breathing issues for anyone. Most importantly not to harm cause someone with COPD to not be able to breathe.

Finally, When our team is finished cleaning and organizing your home you will have a refreshed, cleaned, neat, organized, and germ-free living space. in addition to those benefits, you and your family will breathe better, sleep better, and have more fun with all the time you saving. Our team will leave you with a refreshed home that leads to less stress, and more time, during your more after we finish cleaning their homes or office.

Check Us out on Facebook or call 620-268-9423 today for a neater, cleaner, and less stressed tomorrow. Make the call. You deserve to come home to a clean, neat, and organized home after a long day of work. 

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