Dust Removal

Our Dust Removal Services helps with COPD symptoms by removing all the dust particles that prevent people from breathing properly. All Pro’s Cleaning Technicians will start at the ceiling fans to the blades and even the pull string to remove all dust. Working our way from the ceiling to the corner of the walls. Our Team will remove co-webs and dust, collecting most of the dust particles with in our Micro-Fiber Extended wands. This will help to not spread the dust through out the property.

It could possibly take 4 to 6 hours for all dust to settle. So, this is why we collect most of the dust using Micro-Fiber technologies.

Construction Clean Up

Construction dust has the same rules except they are harsher to the lungs. It is important to remove all the left over construction dust and built up dust particles from the property so it will be easier to breath.

Our highly trained Cleaning Technicians can help rid you of all the harmful dust, Which will leave you breathing clean air. This is especial important for our older clients that sometimes have breathing issues. Check Out our Construction Clean Up Page for further details.

Please. Don’t wait any longer. Call the All Pro Cleaning Services Team 620-268-9423 or visit us on Facebook today. You will not regret it and your family will be safe from the harmful affects of breathing dust.

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