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Extreme Deep Clean Services

All Pro’s Extreme Deep Cleaning Services cleans and disinfects your home or office from top to bottom and everything in between. Once the Extreme Deep Clean is completed. It will be like you just moved in. Our team will handle the organizing and detailed cleaning needed to start you off with a clean slate.

Imagine everything in your property being wiped down with a Microfiber Towel and Disinfected. When we say everything, we mean everything. The dishes in the cabinets, the forks and spoons in the silverware drawers. Plus the inside of the refrigerators and stoves, closets, end tables, windows and carpet shampooing is included in All Pro’s Extreme Deep Cleaning Process.

Our Extreme Deep Clean Process

Our Extreme Deep Cleaning Process includes all that our Deep Cleaning Process includes. Which starts at the ceiling fans, the ceiling and the corners down to the baseboards. And everything in-between. This means all your picture frames, light switches, knick-knacks, tables and walls.

Yes, we said walls. This is a highly intensive part of our Extreme Deep Cleaning Process but sometimes is needed. Removal of all pictures, moving entertainment centers and book shelves to clean the walls behind them is necessary. Why you ask? These are the areas that are most neglected.

All items will be carefully moved back and pictures will be hung back up after being detailed and disinfected using a Micro Fiber Towel and an All Pro Approved Solution.

In closing. An Extreme Deep Clean is for Extreme situations or if you just need a complete reset. All Pro Cleaning Services recommends a clean like this at least once a year. In doing an Extreme Deep Clean of your home yearly. Will greatly reduce clutter and stress. You will be able to find things with greater ease. And not spend extra time locating certain items. Which will save you time through out your day so you can enjoy more time with your family, friends or even just with yourself.

Take a look at our reviews on Google and Facebook and give us a call 620-268-9423 today for a neater, cleaner and less stressed tomorrow. You can also fill out our form and have one of our Extreme Deep Clean specialist get back with you as soon as possible.

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