Hoarder House Cleaning and Organizing

Hoarder House Cleaning

Is one of your loved ones living like this?

Hoarder House Cleaning and Organizing

We’d like for you and your loved one to know, that you’re not alone! We have helped hundreds of loved ones locally and in the surrounding areas live Cleaner, Neater, and Healthier tomorrows. We can help yours as well. Not many people know that this is often caused by an illness, a disability, or in this case gentleman taking care of his sick Wife. He took care of her, just like a Husband should.

For many years. He made and brought her breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Worked 2 sometimes 3 jobs to support them. Paying all the medical, and other bills. He spent as much time with her as possible. With little time to spend with his wife. The choirs we’re put off and put to the bottom of the priority list. He wanted to spend all his free time here.

When she went to heaven and he was alone in the house. He was very overwhelmed with what was left. The mess was too unbearable for him to handle on his own. He called All Pro Cleaning Services. We scheduled a one-on-one to assess the situation and formulated a plan to handle the situation.

The End Result

Afterward, the relief he had from having a Neat, Cleaned, and Organized home lifted a huge weight off his shoulders. He can live his life with less stress, and more comfortable having friends and family come over. He also had a chance to mourn his Wife’s passing in peace.

We understand. There are reasons and there are people in your life that are more important than cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, doing the dishes, and taking the trash out. Please, don’t be embarrassed, don’t wait .another day. Let us help you put a smile on your or your loved ones’ faces, and have the family come over to your home when we are finished.

We understand how difficult it may be for the homeowner, to have someone come in and help. So we have a few options to help ease the transition. We have an RN on call that will help ease the Home Owners’ anxiety by sitting and speaking with them to calm them down. We also have customers that are willing to come in and share there let them know that they are not alone and tell their stories. Talk of the joys and freedom they have afterward.

We really care about our community! We care about the people in it, and their emotional transformation.

Contact us today for a no-obligation visit and to provide you with a very reasonable solution.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what one of the many satisfied Clients.

Amy Sallee is at All Pro Cleaning Services.

Hoarder House Before and After

I’m fiercely independent and asking for help is very difficult for me. Working on it by myself I could only make a dent. I knew that I needed help. Friends and family weren’t just going to be enough. I needed professionals so my hunt began. I looked at and contacted several maid services and independent cleaners but either they didn’t respond or couldn’t give me an estimate for weeks. Finally, I came across All Pro Cleaning Services. I sent them a message via Facebook and hoped for the best. They got back to me almost immediately and were able to give me an estimate using the pictures I sent them.

Questions she had.

“Hiring a cleaning service is too expensive.” That’s what I thought too. All Pro has very affordable rates! Not only that, they genuinely want to help people. It’s totally worth reaching out to them to see what you can work out. They have connections with local charities for donations of unwanted items. They can also help you sell all of that stuff you have laying around for the future garage sale.

“Won’t cleaning my house take forever? It will disrupt my life. ”The pictures were taken one week apart! Charles and his crew worked around my schedule; a few hours a day. They cleaned and organized my whole house including the garage. They even shampooed the carpets!

“Can I trust All Pro?” Absolutely! Not only are they fast and effective but they handled everything with care. Nothing was damaged during the process. Not only that, Charles and his crew found nearly $100 in cash around the house plus tons of loose change. This would have been easy for someone to pocket but instead, they always brought it right to me. Your money, jewelry, antiques, breakables, and all other valuables are safe in the hands of All Pro. Honesty, Integrity, Caring, Affordability, and Fast Service. All Pro is the whole package. Do yourself a favor and contact them for a free no-judgment estimate today. They do maintenance cleanings as well to keep you on track. Now is the time to ask for help.

I was not paid for this endorsement. I genuinely consider the All Pro team family now. Support small businesses and contact them today. Tell them you saw this testimonial for special rates!

Before and After Pics

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