Move In Move Out Cleans

Whether you are to move in or move out, moving comes with a lot of extra work. Don’t handle the cleaning all by yourself. We can help ease your stress and make moving that much more exciting.

All Pro’s Move In Move Out Cleans

Move in move out cleans! So… You’re moving! This is an exciting time and you have a lot to worry about already. All Pro Cleaning Services is here to help with a high-quality process for your move in move out cleans. Our dedicated teams have been doing this for years and we know what the landlords and purchasers of the property expect. We can save you time, stress, and extra hassle by handling all the cleaning for you.

Landlords and Real Estate Agents love us. They know after we are finished cleaning the property they don’t have to worry about it being clean or not. This is due to our extensive Move In/Move Out Cleaning Check List. Call Now for a neater, cleaner, and less stressed tomorrow, or contact us on our Facebook Page by clicking the link.

What does All Pro’s Move in/Move out look like?

Whether you’re moving into or moving out of your property. It’s important for the property to be cleaned and ready for you to move in or ready for it to be moved into. And, if you want your full deposit back from your landlord or to hold up your end of the seller’s agreement. All Pro Cleaning Services has the best plan for both situations.

When moving into your property. Your cleaning needs are going to be much the same as they were at your old property. Make sure to have your new property cleaned and disinfected before you bring all your personal belongings in. So you will have a fresh start in your new home.

With All Pro’s Cleaning Technicians, you can rest easy that everything will be neat, cleaned, and disinfected. We have been doing these types of cleans since 2015 and our process is top-notch.

Our Move In/Move Out Cleaning Checklist

  • High dust to remove all dust a cob-webs from ceiling fans and tops of cabinets
  • Dust down all door/window trims
  • Clean build-up on top of the stove and inside of the oven
  • Disinfect and wipe down with a Micro Fiber Towel the kitchen, sinks other counters, and cabinet doors
  • Clean the inside and outside of the refrigerator
  • Clean the bathroom, tubs, sinks, toilets, mirrors, glass showers, and floors
  • Clean laundry room, and other sinks
  • Mop all floors using the proper approved solutions
  • Remove all marks from the baseboards, around door knobs, and wall trim
  • Dust blinds off all blinds, window seals, and more
  • Remove any pet odors using a Professional Grade Rug Doctor

All Pro Cleaning Services can handle all this, while you concentrate your efforts on getting your household items moved.

When you’re ready to move into or move out of a property. All Pro Cleaning Services is the team you should call. We understand what landlords and new property owners expect. All Pro Cleaning Services understands what the landlord wants which leads to you getting your deposit back.

If you are moving into a new property and would like the property cleaned. All Pro Cleaning Services can save you time and ease your stress level by doing the cleaning for you. So, you can just worry about unpacking and moving all your stuff.

If you are a Real Estate Agent or Property Owner and would like some help. We can handle all the cleaning for you. We work with many Property Management Companies in Central Kansas and know what you expect your properties to look like in order to sell or fill quickly.

Give All Pro Cleaning Services a Click To Call, for a neater, cleaner, and less stressed tomorrow.