Price Guide

price guide

Here is a Prices Guide that will hopefully help you when deciding whether or not you can afford a cleaning service. Please understand. This is only a Price Guide. Cleaning your home or office space varies from place to place and from customer to customer. There are so many details that can not be seen without giving an in-person cleaning estimate. So, this is my attempt and ease your stress.

Remember these figures are just rough estimates to help you see what the cost could be.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us by calling 620-268-9423

House Cleaning Price Guide

  • 1 Bed 1 Bath House 750 sq ft $275 – $375
  • 2 Bed 1 Bath House 800 – 1100 sq ft $375 – $475
  • 3 Bed 2 Bath House 1300 sq ft $475 – $575

Carpet Cleaning Price Guide

  • $75 for the first room
  • $55 for each room after
  • $2.75 per step
  • Hallways are normally free
  • Pet fee one time $25 per pet

Window Cleaning Price Guide

  • Storm Windows $7.99 per pane
  • Single Pane $4.99 per pane
  • Outside Windows $7.99 per pane
  • Per added floor elevation add $16.99 per pane

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