All Pro Cleaning Services Price Guide

Prices to clean your home or office space varies. Because, there are so many details that can not be seen without giving an estimate. So, please do not hold us to these prices. But, this is what helps us when we give our estimates. We hope they help you.

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Quick Guide

House Deep Cleaning Pricing Guide

Quick Guide to House Cleaning Prices
Apartment (<1000sqft)2-3 Staff 2-3 hours$175-$225
2-bedroom house (1000-1500sqft)2-3 Staff 2-4 hours$225-$275
3-4 bedroom house (1500-1800sqft)3-4 Staff 3-5 hours$275-$350
5 bedroom house (1800-2250sqft)3-4 Staff 5-7 hours$350-$425
6-bedroom house (2250-3000sqft)3-4 Staff 5-8 hours$425-$500
Maintenance Cleans are much cheaper depending on frequency. Average cost are $90-$130

Typical home cleaning services price list
Cleaning The Inside Fridge$45-$75
Oven Cleaning$45-$75
Cleaning Interior Windows$15-$45 (depending on size)
A load of laundry$20-$35
Sweep/Cleaning Patio/Garage$15-$95 (depending on size & needs)
Changing Bedding$15-$35
Hoarder/Organizing/Decluttering$800-$2500 (Depending on size & needs)

All Pro Cleaning Services has been dedicated to cleaning up our local communities one property at a time. We have been in business since 2015 and have earned the right to be called the very best. We hold the best in customer service and customer retention in the industry.

Service Areas

Hutchinson, KS

Nickerson, KS

McPherson, KS

Salina, KS

Manhattan, KS

Junction City, KS

All Pro Cleaning Services Price Guide

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