Maintenance Cleaning

Maintenance Cleaning Services provided by All Pro Cleaning Service
Maintenance Cleaning Services provided by All Pro Cleaning Service

Maintenance Cleaning from All Pro Cleaning Services normally starts with our Deep Cleaning Services. It’s not that we don’t trust other cleaning companies. It’s just, few are as detailed as we are. So, in order to start on a Maintenance Cleaning Schedule. All Pro wants to start off with a clean slate. If we do the Deep Cleaning then it’s easy for us to create a cleaning schedule because we know that everything has been done to All Pro’s Standards.

Now! On our Maintenance Cleaning Service. We high dust using a Micro Fiber Extender Duster, then we wipe off the outside of cabinets, doors, tables, and chairs. Bathrooms and Kitchens get Deep Cleaned with every visit. We do this because that is where most dirt, grime, and germs are gathered. Finally, we’ll end with vacuuming/sweeping and mopping our way out of the house. We do not walk back over areas that we have cleaned so, we clean ourselves out of the same door we came in.

Make sure to check us out on Facebook and see our stars on Google. Then give us a call 620-268-9423 and speak with one of our highly trained customer service cleaning specialists to go over a Maintenance Clean that’ll suit your budget and needs.

Our highly trained Cleaning Technicians have been cleaning homes and offices since 2015. We have grown to be the leader in the cleaning industry. Our standards are higher than most cleaning companies because we care about your satisfaction. We continue to do this by learning from experience and creating processes that just plan work. All Pro Cleaning Services sets the bar high and will do so for many decades to come.