Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Why do I need a Move Out Cleaning Checklist?

Move Out Cleaning Checklist can help you get your deposit back!

You can rely on this Move Out Cleaning Checklist to satisfy any landlord. So, if your are moving out of an apartment, condo or house that you have rented. Your Landlord is going to want the property left clean just like the day you moved in. If you meet or exceed your Landlords expectations. They will give you your deposit back, give you a great reference towards renting from another Landlord or renting from them in the future.

Below is a Move Out Cleaning Check List from All Pro Cleaning Services to help ensure you leave on good standings and get your deposit back.

We have been trusted to handle thousands of Move Out Cleans over the years and have developed our own (which exceeds any Landlords Cleaning Check List) that makes sure you have the very best chances of getting your deposit back and a good reference based on cleanliness of the property when you moved out.

Move Out Cleaning Check List from All Pro Cleaning Services

Is your old rental property ready for the next tenant and for you to get your deposit back?

If you don’t have the time, patients, or wiliness to get it ready. All Pro Cleaning Service can help.

Move Out Cleaning Checklist

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Clean ceiling fan, light fixtures (replace bulbs if needed). Wash tops/inside/outside/sides of cabinets.
-Clean the inside/outside of drawers.
-Clean sink, facets, garbage deposals, back splashes & countertops.
-Wash all light fixtures, replace bulbs if needed, clean light switches/outlets.
-Clean inside/out of dishwasher, including food trap. (If applicable)
-Clean windows, windowsills, dust off screens and clean out tracks.
-Clean base boards, sweep and scrub kitchen floor, including under all moveable appliances.
-Remove all grease from hood of stove, don’t forget the filter.
-Clean microwave inside/outside/behind and underneath.


Clean inside/outside of refrigerator and freezer. Remove drawers clean behind them and clean drawers.
– Move refrigerator out from wall, clean walls, remove debris and vacuum back coils.

Living Room Move Out Cleaning Checklist

-Clean windows, windowsills, trims and tracks.
-Clean light fixtures, replace bulbs if needed and clean light switches and outlets.
-Wipe baseboard s and dust vents.
-Remove cobwebs.
-Vacuum carpet/sweep floor/mop.
-Replace any dead light bulbs.

Bedroom(s) Move Out Cleaning Checklist

-Clean closet shelves, sweep/mop/vacuum.
-Clean windows, windowsills, trim and tracks.
-Remove all bugs and dust from light fixtures. Replace bulbs if needed. Clean light switches & outlets.
-Remove cobwebs.
-Clean baseboards sweep,/mop/vacuum if carpeted.

Bathroom(s) Move Out Cleaning Checklist

-Wipe bathroom vents & fans. Clean bathtub/shower/tile/fixtures (change bulbs if needed) and clean the outside of tub.
-Disinfect the inside/outside of toilet.
-Make sure the inside/outside of medicine cabinet are cleaned, all cupboards and drawers also.
-Wipe out sink, mirror, facets and backsplash using disinfectant spray-Clean storage underneath sink and closets
-Clean light switches/outlets/towel bars/door & window trim plus baseboards.
Sweep, scrub then mop floors.


Remove racks, broiler pan, clean then dry.
-Clean inside of oven, top of stove, under heating elements and pan drawer.
-Pull oven away from wall. Clean front/sides/back of oven. Make sure to clean walls and floors behind oven.
-Remove and clean all knobs, then clean top of stove dry and replace knobs.
-Clean stove pans and stovetop rings.
-Clean oven drawer.

Unfinished Basements

-Remove all cobwebs, clean windows and trim. Remove all cobwebs & dust. Clean water heater and furnace.
-Using Windex clean windows, windowsills, trims and tracks. Clean baseboards, sweep, mop, and/or vacuum floors. (If carpeted)

Finished Basements Family Room

-Using a Micro Fiber Towel clean windows, windowsills, trims and tracks.
-Clean light fixtures, clean light switches and outlets.
-Wipe baseboards & dust vents.
-Vacuum carpet/sweep floor/mop.

Finished Basement Bedroom(s)

-Wipeout closet shelves, clean closet trim and baseboards.
-Clean ceiling fans, windows, windowsills, trim, doors and trackS.

leaning light fixtures. light switches & outlets.
-Clean baseboards sweep,, mop, vacuum if carpeted.

Finished Basement Bathroom(s)

-Clean bathroom vents & fans. Clean bathtub/shower/tile & fixtures.
-Remove all stains from inside/outside of the toilet.
-Clean inside/outside of medicine cabinet,
-Disinfect the sink, mirror, facets and backsplash. – Clean storage underneath sink and closets
-Disenfect and clean light switches/outlets/towel bars/door & window trim plus baseboards.
Using a Microfiber dry mop sweep, scrub then mop floors.


-Clean inside/out of front and back doors.
-Clean both sides of all interior doors and door frames.
-Clear out fireplace, if there is one.
-Dust all blinds.
-Clean all smudges, marks, dirt and grime from walls.

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