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Wall Washing Services

Over the years. Dust , dirt, grime and germs accumulates on walls. All Pro Cleaning Services can wash every square inch of your walls. This process in tedious and time consuming but well worth it.

The process starts by taking pictures, moving entertainment centers, book cases, couches ext. away from walls. With our 8″ to 12″ Micro Fiber Dry Mop. Our Cleaning Technicians will remove all dust and Cobwebs from the wall. Then with our special Wall Washing Solution. We will remove grime, built up finger prints and yes, even smoke film.

Included in the Wall Washing Process. Everything that has been move will be detailed with All Pro’s Approved Solutions for particular surfaces. They will detailed and put right back in the same spot. The only way you will know it was touched. Is because it will be neat, cleaned and organized. Picture perfect.

Call All Pro Cleaning Services today 620-268-9423 for a wall washing experience like no other. Check pout our reviews on Google and Facebook then call today for your Free Wash Washing Estimate.

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